3F UL GEAR 2-man hexagonal pyramid tent (Golite Shangri-la 3 clone)

$137 USD 'Cangyuan3' tent

$399 USD Golite Shangri-la 3 (aka Mytrailco Pyramid3)
The 3F UL GEAR Cangyuan3 tent is available for $136.84 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 3 season, 2-man hexagonal pyramid tent
  • Single central pole made from 2 trekking poles (included extender)
  • Pitched: ~280cm diameter x 160cm
  • Stowed: 42 x 15cm diameter roll
  • 1.635kg (703g outer + 700g inner + 54g pole extension + 178g guylines)

Discounts (USD):

The 3F UL GEAR Cangyuan3 pyramid tent is a close copy of the Golite Shangri-la 3 shelter.

It uses a stable and weather-resistant "hexamid" tarp outer and a hexagonal mesh inner (with bathtub floor).

It pitches with a central pole made from 2 trekking poles that are joined with an included extender piece.

It is:
  • Large for 1 person (~6ft. height)
  • Reasonably sized for 2 medium sized people
  • A close fit for 3 small sized people (children probably)

The original retailer Golite has ceased to exist, but this design is currently sold by Mytrailco as the Pyramid3 tent for ~$300 USD (currently out of stock).

This video provides a good overview of this tent.


  • 15D Sil-Nylon with PU3000MM waterproofing
  • 3 large vent hoods at peak (with guyline attachment points)
  • 12 staking points total (6 staking points with tensioning straps + 6 more staking points)
  • 'D' style door with YKK double zipper
  • Velcro and snap closures over zipper
  • Reflective guy points
  • Available in yellow and green colours
  • Seam sealed

  • 20D Nylon mesh with 20D Sil-Nylon Bathtub floor with PU3000MM waterproofing
  • 'D' style door with double zipper
  • Pull tab on top of inner so you could hang it from a tree?
    • Could have hanging inner, pitched outer for double the space
  • 6 stake out cords

  • Trekking pole extender
  • Guylines

  • Steep walls that are rain and wind resistant
  • Good ventilation
  • 160cm height lets a single person sit on a chair by their sleeping mat, get changed standing up, etc
  • Big enough internally that the central pole doesn't get in the way
  • Modular - can pitch as pitch rainfly / inner only
  • Pitch minimally with 6 stakes, use up to 12 stakes for better weather resistance 
  • Easy and fairly quick to pitch and pack up 
  • Can disassemble from the inside out
  • Reinforced patches at floor and peak of inner, at peak of outer and where the central pole sits
  • Small interior gear pocket 
  • Yellow colour for high visibility
  • Green colour for stealth camping

  • Requires a large pitching area
  • Inner fills the whole tent - there is no vestibule area for storing gear. Could stake out only half the inner for extra spac?
  • If the door is open while it is raining, rain will fall into the inner
  • Can't sleep in the middle of the tent due to the pole
  • The usable space is at the sides, where the height is less
  • Inner is relatively heavy (700g)
  • 15D outer material is thinner than most
  • 20D floor probably needs a footprint
  • Inner has to be pitched first - annoying if it is raining
  • Not comfortable for people 6'1"+. Head / feet may contact the wall if tall and sleeping straight

  • Lighten with titanium pegs

Mytrailco Pyramid3 differences
  • 70D inner floor
  • Includes single aluminium pole - heavy & extra weight?
  • 2.2kg total
  • Only in yellow colour
Yellow colour
Green colour
Pole extender
Reinforced pole mount
Seam sealed
Central pole floor patch
Tensioning Straps

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