ASTA 1-man pyramid tarp (Locus Gear Khufu Sil clone)

$76 USD ASTA tarp

~$300 USD Khufu Sil shelter
The ASTA 1-man pyramid tarp is available for $76 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 1-man pyramid tarp shelter
  • Pitches with 1 or 2 trekking poles
  • Pitched: 265 x 170 x 135cm
  • Stowed: 15 x 10cm diameter roll
  • ~500g (370g + 100g stakes + guylines & stuff sack)

The ASTA pyramid shelter is a lightweight tarp that pitches with a single central trekking pole or 2 trekking poles in a 'V' configuration.

It is similar to many 'mid' tarps, but most closely resembles the Locus Gear Khufu Sil shelter.

  • Material: 15D Sil-Nylon (Gray), 20D Sil-Nylon (Red)
  • (Grey version likely lighter than red version)
  • 2 large adjustable apex vents with internal closures
  • 3000MM waterproof rating
  • 8 ground-level tieouts
  • 8 tie outs on tent upper (4 on panels, 4 on edges)
  • Zip with velcro flap and buckle
  • 12 stakes and 12 guylines

    • Large and spacious for people up to ~6 ft. height
    • Good ventilation 
    • Catenary cut (curved) ridge lines
    • Decent quality stitching
    • OK for moderate conditions, including rain
    • Add an inner net and groundsheet for a complete tent solution (DIY one with tyvek / polycro / polycryo)

    • Grey colour shows marks, red colour very visible
    • Large apex vents subject to wind 
    • Not great in heavy rain
    • Less internal space when using an inner net
    • Zipper, zip flap and side panel tieouts could be better quality
    • Not seam-sealed
    • Problems common to pyramid tarps
      • Central pole gets in the way in single pole configuration
      • Angled walls reduce vertical space
      • Long / puffy sleeping mats may contact the sides 
      • Not a fast pitching tent

    Possible mods
    • Replace side panel tieouts with 30D Sil-Nylon patches (glued with silicon sealant and stitched)
    • Replace copper wire in the apex vents with thinner plastic tubing
    • Replace guylines with 3mm polyline (less linelok slippage)
    • Substitute titanium stakes for less weight

    Possible inner options for this tarp:

    1) "D-style" zip mesh inner (same seller) 

    Matched inner
    • Price: $52.37 USD delivered
    • Dimensions: ?
    • Weight: 490g
    • Matched to the ASTA tarp

    2) 3F UL GEAR "D-style" zip mesh inner

    D-style inner
    • Price: $48.25 USD delivered
    • Dimensions: 220 x 80 x 120cm
    • Weight: 350g
    • Packed 12.7 x 7.5 cm diameter
    • Green/Gray/Orange colours
    • 15D Sil-Nylon bathtub floor
    • 5000MM waterproofing
    • 2 zips
    • Internal pocket

    4) S2S nano mosquito net (~$36 USD) or clone ($~12 USD)
    S2S nano net

    Comparison with similar tarp shelters:

    Locus Gear Khufu Sil pyramid shelter
    • Dimensions: 265 x 160 x 130cm
    • Weight: 470g (inc. stuff sack)
    • Price: ~$320 USD (plus shipping)
    • Material: 30D Sil-Nylon
    • 1 small mesh covered vent
    • 3000MM waterproof rating
    • Catenary cut curved ridge lines
    • Grey, yellow, blue colours
    • 9 ground-level tieouts
    • 8 tie outs on tent upper (4 on panels, 4 on edges)
    • Not seam-sealed
    • Water resistant YKK zipper
    • High quality fabric and components

    MLD Duomid pyramid shelter
    • Dimensions: 275 x 160 x 142cm
    • Weight: 515g
    • Price: ~$270 USD (plus shipping)
    • Material: 30D "Pro" Sil-Nylon
    • 3500MM waterproof rating
    • 1 largish vent (but sketchy closure method IMO)
    • 8 ground-level tieouts
    • 8 tie outs on tent upper (4 on panels, 4 on edges)
    • Orange colour only
    • Not seam-sealed
    • Water resistant YKK zipper
    • High quality fabric and components 
      Single pole pitch
      'V' pitch (2 poles)
      Adjustable apex vent
      Zipper and buckle
      Red colour
      Khufu Sil (single pole)
      MLD Duomid (single pole)

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