Tick removal tools (Otom Tick Twister clone)

$0.60 USD Tick Twister

~$5 USD Otom tick twister
This tick removing tool is available for $0.60 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 2 small plastic forks that remove ticks by rotating them
  • Probably the easiest way to safely remove ticks
  • 4.8cm (small fork) + 5.2cm (large fork) 
  • ~10g

These plastic forks remove ticks safely and quickly by spinning them until they fall off.

They use an identical mechanism to the Otom "Tick Twister" tools - the smaller fork is for smaller ticks and the larger is for larger ticks.

How it works
Ticks attach to animals and humans by inserting their long, barbed, central mouth-part (hypostome) into the skin.

(e.g. this youtube video if you aren't squeamish)

Instead of pulling against the barb, the fork of the tool is inserted around the mouth-parts of the tick so they fit securely within the groove, and the tool is spun (any direction) until the tick releases.

This page has a good video showing usage.

After removing the tick, the wound can be disinfected and the tick disposed of in a safe way (though some suggest keeping the tick carcass for later testing, should symptoms appear).

Why use a tick removal tool
Removing a tick properly is important as they can be transmitters of serious diseases .

e.g (depending on region):

Incorrect removal technique (e.g. pulling, burning, suffocating) can cause the tick to regurgitate into the bite, or leave the mouth parts in the wound.

While tweezers are also a valid option (pulling straight up), bad technique can squeeze the tick or break it apart, and the tweezers would have to be sterilized afterward - rendering them useless for the rest of the trip.


2pcs tick forks
  • 4.8cm small sized fork
  • 5.2cm large size fork
  • Small ziplok bag

  • 2 forks cover all tick sizes  
  • Simple and quick operation 
  • Minimizes the risk of some very nasty tick-borne diseases
  • Better than Swiss Army Knife tweezers that can't grip the tick without squeezing it
  • Suitable to use on pets also

  • Single function tool (unlike tweezers)
  • Tricky to use solo if the tick is in a hard to reach location (also true with tweezers)
  • May not need to carry it depending on location / season
Easily remove ticks
Usage example
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