Bulin Trangia gas burner adapter (GoSystem Adapt clone)

$16 USD Bulin Trangia gas burner
$45 USD GoSystem Adapt burner

The Bulin Trangia gas burner adapter is available for $16 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • Gas canister stove burner to fit in place of the Trangia alcohol burner. Example
  • Improved preheat tube design over the trangia gas burner.  Won't flare during inverted canister operation
  • 6 x 8.5cm diameter, 178g (+ 17g bag)

This gas burner replaces the alcohol burner in the lower windshield of most Trangia cooksets, turning it into a remote canister stove.

It is also part of the Bulin BL100-Q1 cookset.

Compared with the alcohol burner, this allows a Trangia stove to:
  • Function at low temperatures (up to -20C if canister inverted) and high altitudes
  • Boil water in about half the time
  • Cook at higher temperatures (e.g. frying)
  • Have an with an easily adjustable flame

  • 2500W output
  • Stainless steel/Brass
  • Compatible with most modern gas canisters (threaded Lindal valve)
  • Pre heating tube

  • Preheating tube allows inverted (liquid feed) operation in low temperatures + aids combustion
  • Remote flame adjustment knob means no need to fiddle with an alcohol stove simmer ring
  • Usable in folding stands like the Trangia Triangle (or clone)
  • Included storage bag

  • Older Trangias (40+ years old) might not have the hole for the gas hose in the base. Could DIY
  • No piezo igniter - manual ignition
  • Not completely silent like an alcohol burner
Close up
Burner side view
Burner rear view
Valve and adjuster, top
Valve and adjuster, bottom

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