Shinetrip aluminium alloy stakes (Zpacks Sonic stakes clone)

$8 USD (10) Shinetrip alloy stakes
$2.25 USD ea. Zpacks Sonic stakes
This lot of 10 Shinetrip aluminium alloy stakes is available for $7.94 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 15cm x 9mm diameter, 7.8g each

Discounts (USD):

Zpacks 6-inch Sonic stakes are an ultralight alternative to MSR mini-groundhog stakes (and clones).

They have curved, tapering fins for greater surface area and are substantially lighter (6.8g vs. 10g) than the mini-groundhog, without being quite as strong.

Shinetrip stakes are similar to the Zpacks Sonic stakes.

They have the same design and length (15cm), a slightly larger diameter of 9mm (vs. 8mm) and a slightly greater weight of 7.8g (vs. 6.8g).

  • 7001 aluminium alloy
  • 15cm length
  • 9mm diameter
  • 7.8g each

  • Likely stronger than the Zpacks stakes 
  • Notches prevent guylines slipping over the top
  • Cord pull-loops included on each stake (for easy removal)

  • Ultralight stakes can bend / break if too much force applied (e.g. hammered into hard or frozen ground)
  • Tricky to insert Y-stakes into hard ground using the palm of your hand
  • Not ideal for rocky soil - tips can be blunted on underground rocks or roots
  • Longer stakes may be required for critical staking points
  • Red colour only
MSR mini-groundhog stake
Zpacks Sonic stake
Shinetrip stake
Curved and tapered fins
Securely mounts in ground
Pull loop

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