3F UL GEAR 2-man Lanshan 2 tent (SMD Haven Tarp and NetTent clone)

$136 USD 'Lanshan 2' tent

$350 USD SMD Haven Tarp / Net Tent combo
The 3F UL GEAR Lanshan 2 tent is available for $135.85 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 3 season, 2-man tent
  • Pitches with 2 trekking poles
  • Rainfly and inner can be used independently
  • Pitched (inner): 210 x 110 x 120cm
  • Stowed: 40 x 20cm diameter roll
  • 1.155kg (inner: 447g, rainfly: 556g)

Discounts (USD):

The 3F UL GEAR Lanshan 2 is a a clone of the SMD Haven Tarp and NetTent combo - but is also similar in design to the Zpacks Duplex (in Sil-Nylon) and Tarptent Stratospire 2 tents.

It also strongly resembles the Gossamer Gear "The Two" shelter.


  • 15D Sil-Nylon with 8000MM waterproof rating
  • 2 vestibules with zippable doors (& flaps)
  • Apex vent
  • 8 guy points and 6 staking points
  • Seam sealed
  • Grey (closer to white) and yellow colour options
  • Also available in green

  • 20D mesh with a 25D Sil-Nylon bathtub floor (8000MM waterproof rating)
  • 2 zippable 'D' style doors
  • Mesh pocket
  • Also available in a 4 season inner

  • Versatile and lightweight shelter
  • Inner can be setup alone
  • OK for 6ft. people 
  • Rainfly can be set up first or taken down last (e.g. in rainy conditions)
  • High bathtub floor
  • Reinforcing patches (e.g. at floor corners, tie down points & trekking pole insertion point in roof)
  • Included stakes (~8-9g each) and guylines

  • Requires 2 trekking poles - if you break a pole (e.g. carbon poles) it affects your tent setup
  • 25D floor probably needs a groundsheet 
  • Not a huge amount of room for two people
  • Inner net may drape over face - requires guyline adjustments to make taut
  • Relatively large size that restricts where it can be pitched
  • Possibly difficult for one person to set up alone
  • Included stakes and guylines = ~100g (could substitute ti stakes / lighter guylines) 
  • Single zipper on rainfly
  • Needs adjustments to pitch taut
  • Not great in wind gusts (but ok for rain)
  • Best in mild to moderate conditions

To setup this tent:
  • Stake out the rainfly
  • Extend 2 trekking poles beneath the rainfly (front and rear) to prop it up
  • Attach guylines at points on each side, tension them so the rainfly is taut
  • Bring inner inside the rainfly, attach to clips near the top of the trekking poles. 
  • Clip guylines at inner corners around rainfly stake points

There is a video on this Aliexpress seller's page showing the Lanshan 2 being pitched.
Grey version
Yellow version
Inner pitched #1
Inner pitched #2
Spacious interior
Bathtub floor and clips
Apex vent

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