ArgosTitanium folding stove stand (Trangia Triangle clone)

$20 USD ArgosTitanium stove stand

~$30 USD Trangia Triangle
The ArgosTitanium folding stove stand is available for $20 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • Lightweight titanium stand for a Trangia-style alcohol burner or solid fuel tablets
  • Stowed: 14 x 10 x 1cm, ~86g

The ArgosTitanium stove stand is a close copy of the Trangia Triangle stand.

It's also similar to the Esbit Stove and ~$60 USD Titanium Clikstand

It assembles into a triangular shape from 3 interlocking titanium plates. It serves as a pot stand, a windshield and a elevated stove platform.

  • Fits a Trangia-style spirit burner
  • Probably fits the Toaks titanium siphon stove also
  • Tray also allows the use of solid fuel tablets
  • Top pot supports - fit a 550ml Toaks pot OK
  • Packs flat - saves space
  • Acts as a windscreen, with ventilation holes at bottom and top
  • Strong titanium material - makes tab inserts less likely to break 
  • Includes storage bag

  • Slight hassle to assemble - have to manipulate the plates slightly to get them to interlock
  • Clips are under stress when assembling - the strong titanium probably won't break though
  • May require an additional windscreen in windy conditions
  • Can't fully adjust the simmer ring on some alcohol burners


Esbit Stove and Pot Stand
  • Stainless steel not titanium
  • Tray has indentation for solid fuel cube
  • 12cm x 11cm, 93g 

Trangia Triangle
  • Stainless steel not titanium
  • Isn't really promoted on their website anymore
  • Has a ring instead of plate that holds the Trangia burner
  • Not suitable for solid fuel without mods
  • 12.3cm x 8.7cm, 112g

  • Titanium version (T-2) expensive at $60 USD
  • Side mounts for (optional) Clikstand windshield 
  • 14.6cm x 7.7cm, 57g
Stand in 4 pieces
Using solid fuel
Titanium pot on stand

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