Aegismax ultralight down quilt (Enlightened Equipment Revelation clone)

$114 USD Aegismax quilt

$255 USD EE quilt
The Aegismax "Wind Hard Tiny" ultralight down quilt is available for $113.68 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 10D nylon inner and outer
  • 290g 800FP 95% goose down fill
  • Usable to around +5 Celsius
  • Open: 190 x 134cm
  • Packed: 20 x 12cm diameter
  • 450g 

Discounts (USD):

The Aegismax "Wind Hard Tiny" quilt looks and feels similar to the popular $250 USD Enlightened Equipment Revelation 30 quilt.

Camping quilts are designed to be wrapped around your front and sides, but not your back.  As your sleeping mat already insulates your back from the ground, a quilt will still keep you warm in moderate conditions (and the occasional cooler night).

As they use less down, quilts can be lighter and more compact than regular sleeping bags. This bag weighs 450g and is the same size as a 1.5L bottle when compressed.

Quilts are also versatile - they can be used wrapped around you, unfurled as a blanket, or as a hammock underquilt.

The main difference to the EE quilt is this is sewn through rather than having internal baffles. The EE Revelation is thus warmer overall - but neither quilt is suited to winter conditions.

  • Breathable DWR treated 10D nylon material
  • Partial zipper and cord cinch at bag foot
  • Cord cinch at bag top
  • Elastic straps with button clips to secure around a sleeping mat or your body
  • Middle zipper for wearing as a poncho
  • Compression and cotton storage bags included
  • No long waiting list (like with EE quilts)

  • Sewn through - this can create cold spots
  • Thin material possibly fragile (e.g. if caught in zipper) 
  • Not for winter use (down to 5 Celsius) 
  • Narrow, does not widen at the top (don't clip all the straps around you to solve this problem)
  • Zippers not covered - creates a thermal bridge between the inside and outside of the bag
  • 6 foot / 85kg probably the (comfort) size limit if using it as a bag
  • One color - grey, semi-transparent material
  • Couple of minutes required to getting it back into its compression bag
  • One type of material and fill power (compared with EE bags). Could benefit from more down fill (OK when fluffed up)
Partial zip at feet
Straps around sleeping mat

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