Fire Maple heat exchanger pot (Alpkit Brupot clone)

$24 USD Fire Maple pot

$29 USD Alpkit Brupot
This Fire Maple heat exchanger pot is available for $23.80 USD delivered on Aliexpress.

  • 13.5 x 11.5cm diameter, 190g

Discounts (USD):

The Fire Maple FMS-X1 heat exchanger pot is a 1L hard anodised aluminium pot with fins that spread the heat at the base more evenly.

This feature makes this pot more efficient, but slightly heavier than an ordinary pot.

The FMX-X1 appears identical to the Alpkit Brupot and Olicamp XTS pots.

  • Good size for 2 people
  • Folding handles
  • Mesh bag
  • Stamped markings (in L) inside the pot for easy measuring
  • Same pot used in the Jetboil Flash Stove Workalike

  • Plastic lid
Pot base
Handle extended
Mesh bag

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